Exploring the Jewel Changi Airport

In the past, I have written about some of the country’s best and worst airports, highlighting their enticing features and impressive structures. Now, I would like to go outside of the US. This time, I want to focus exclusively on one airport: the Jewel Changi Airport.


Still under construction, the Jewel Changi airport is shaping up to be one of the most exotic, extraordinary and downright stunning airports in the world.


While not an airport itself, the Jewel Changi is intended to be an extension of the pre-existing Changi airport. The project’s projected completed renderings showcase a remarkable, modern, dome building made of glass and steel. The domed roof then dips as it meets in its center, creating something of a doughnut-like look. The center of the building is not solely an aesthetic design, it also serves a functional purpose. The Jewel Changi building features an indoor waterfall at its dimpled center that pours out into a pool in the middle of the terminal. The building itself is something of a biosphere, featuring thousands of plants and flowers, as well as multiple restaurants, dining areas and shopping outlets. It will even feature a hotel.


The building’s concept is to be much more than an airport terminal. The architects behind the project clearly want the Jewel to offer a once in a lifetime user experience. The indoor waterfall, which will be the largest indoor waterfall in the world once completed, forest of flora, and retail attractions all come together to create an airport experience that will certainly take your mind off of your flight. Come night time, the waterfall even turns into a light show.


The Jewel Changi is designed to connect Changi airport’s three terminals. It is accessible via bridges from terminals 2 and 3, and even offers a trolley system.


Changi Airport Group’s spokesperson, Robin Goh, in an interview with CNN, gave his reasoning for creating such a lavish airport, stating, “In order for Changi Airport to stay ahead amidst intensifying competition from other airports, it’s important for continuous innovation to be introduced.”
The terminal is slated for completion in 2018. And if it can live up to the high expectations, it will hold Changi’s reputation as one of the world’s best airports.