More Airplane Etiquette



Recently, I’d written a blog about traveling and airplane etiquette. In it, I discussed some tips, tricks and handy things to remember so that you can get through the traveling process as quickly and comfortably as possible. I was unable to cover all aspects of etiquette, and with the holiday season (and millions of airplane travelers) incoming, I figured I could write a follow-up piece on airplane etiquette. Here are a few other practices that you should be doing (or not doing) on every flight.


Be Courteous of Others’ Space

While you want to behave in an appropriate manner to ensure that you aren’t hogging up space with your body, you also want to remain cognisant of your baggage. Unfortunately, checked bag fees are forcing more and more travelers to bring their luggage on board; this results in a lack of space in both the overhead compartment and at the feet of the seats. When traveling on a plane, try to keep your smallest bag at your feet and try to fit your bag in the overhead compartment as ergonomically as possible. Taking up the space of another passenger is just rude.


Be Cooperative

Flight attendants have to put up with a lot. They constantly fly into different time zones, they have to accommodate the needs of hundreds of passengers and they must control the crowd in the event of an emergency; the last thing any flight attendant wants to deal with is a rude and belligerent passenger. More specifically, many passengers tend to get rude whenever a flight attendant asks them to power off any electronics. Yes, in today’s digital world it may be hard to refrain from looking at your smartphone or tablet for more than a few hours, but it is a necessity. Be kind and put your device away.


Be Clean

By this, I don’t mean to shower before you get on your flight (although you absolutely should). I mean to always pick up after yourself and try not to be a slob. If you’re an unorganized person, that’s perfectly fine; but, for the duration of the flight, try to be as organized and clean as possible. Don’t throw your napkins around, don’t leave food everywhere and when using the lavatory, be quick and clean.


Flights are generally uncomfortable experiences for everyone involved. By following these rules, you’ll hopefully make it easier on yourself and everyone else. Be careful and courteous!