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Dave Pflieger Deciding if ATOL is Worth It

Deciding if ATOL is Worth It

As the summer gears up for many in the United Kingdom, plenty of travelers question whether or not ATOL protection is necessary when booking holidays through various travel agencies in the UK. Since 1973, ATOL, Air Travel Organiser’s License, has helped protect UK citizens when booking holiday travel through UK travel agencies. In 2012, it was expanded to include certain online bookings.… Read more →

Dave Pflieger The Drone Dilemma

The Drone Dilemma

Since we began to fly, birds colliding into planes has been a major problem for pilots. Now, the airline industry is facing a similar problem with drones, except that drones do far more damage than birds. While we haven’t experienced a loss of life due to collisions with drones, airline administrators fear that’s just a matter of time. In 2017,… Read more →

Dave Pflieger Goodyear Aero: The Future of Cars

Goodyear Aero: The Future of Cars

Recently, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Goodyear revealed their latest concept tire, the AERO. They are really building onto the hype for flying vehicles. Goodyear has become the go-to for concept technology. They’ve developed tires that grow moss and even roll omnidirectionally. The AERO aims to be revolutionary. The goal is to act as a traditional tire. To propel… Read more →

Dave Pflieger Featured on eTurboNews.com

Hollywood producers looking to cast the role of a senior executive heading an airline flying to exotic destinations would easily select Dave Pflieger. He is smart, young, attractive, articulate and secretive. He has lived on the edge (Air Force pilots are considered macho); is self-confident (without being cocky), and welcomes the challenge of bringing the historically interesting but economically challenged… Read more →