Aviation Assistance: A List Of Airline Charities

As both an aviation professional and major proponent of philanthropy, I thought it would be nice to highlight some charities specific to airlines and the aviation industry.


Air Care Alliance

The Air Care Alliance is a league consisting of volunteer pilots who are committed to aiding citizens of the United States that are in need. The league is made up of various organizations that provide a variety of public services such as disaster relief, health care, and educational experience.

Air Charity Network

This group grants free air transportation to specialized health facilities as well as far away destinations. Mercy Medical Airlift donates airline tickets for assignments that are over 600 miles. They will also arrange for low-cost air ambulance services on the behalf of those in need of this service.

Challenge Air for Kids & Friends

This organization uses aviation to give physically and mentally challenged youth fun and enriching experiences. They create exciting events by allowing disabled youth to ride in small-scale planes which are sometimes flown by wheelchair bound aviators. The purpose of these activities is to encourage and motivate challenged youth to not confine themselves based on of their personal limitations.

Children’s Flight of Hope

This group provides air transportation for critically ill children to far off facilities at no cost. They assist children who to travel due to financial or medical complications. Children’s Flight of Hope is based out of Raleigh-Durham International airport. They will fly children in need to facilities provided that they are located within 600 nautical miles of the airport.

Civil Air Patrol

This organization is famous for its human crisis response work and are responsible for saving over 100 lives yearly. This group provides ground transport along with their flight services. They aid in administering valuable resources to state and national disaster relief groups such as blood and organs. The Civil Air Patrol often partners with the U.S. Air Force to provide transportation, damage assessments, and communication support.

Corporate Angel Network

The Corporate Angle Network offers free assistance to cancer patients no matter their financial status. They strive to take the stressful burden off of citizens suffering from this illness by arranging flights for those who do not require medical support while traveling. The Corporate Angle Network operates by securing vacant seats from corporate airlines to fly patients to medical facilities for treatment. Patrons of the group are encouraged to take advantage of this service as often as they need to.