Delta All Female Flight Crew: Giving Wings to The Future

Despite female contribution to the field of aviation, there is still a large gap of gender inequality that exists among pilots and engineers. Delta has stepped up to lead the way for aspiring female pilots and even went a step further in honor of International Girls in Aviation Day. In fact, Delta has continued this tradition for five years. The goal of Delta’s fifth-annual “Women Inspiring Next Generation” is to encourage the young women of tomorrow to explore other science related fields such as engineering or programming.

120 young girls aged 12 to 18 flew from Salt Lake City to Houston aboard Delta’s Wing Flight 2019. Their flight was “manned” by a Delta all-female flight crew from pilot to ground control. It wasn’t just female staff that operated the plane, but the all-female gate crew worked tirelessly for the big push-off. Delta spared no detail in their planning and execution. Once in Houston, girls got to experience first-hand the worlds of flight and space exploration from within NASA’s Mission Control Center, Building 9, Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston. Other male-dominated aviation work groups provided information and an opportunity to meet a female technician from Delta’s Technical Operations team. To top off the entire trip, young girls got to enjoy lunch with NASA astronaut and aerospace engineer, Jeanette Epps.

This program was created in 2015 in order to help close the gender gap in the male-dominated aviation industry. Since the start, this program has opened the way for over 600 female students to gain their wings. To Delta, this represents a key investment in their future as each young girl could be flying one of their own planes one day. After all, without pilots, there would be no Delta. Let alone any commercial airlines.

As a continued effort, Delta has also joined with many schools that have STEM (science technology, engineering and math) or aviation programs to help inspire and guide students on paths for their future. It’s important for many STEM or aviation based companies to continue to recognize their worker demographics and ways to invest in the future. Delta has secured themselves in the hearts of minds of 120 young women that may one day earn their Delta Wings. One thing is for certain: Delta’s all-female flight staff made an impression on 120 young minds that day.