Design Q’s Jet Engine Design

Comlux America has enlisted the help of Design Q to help revamp the look of luxury jets for VIP customers. The idea was to help Airbus and Boeing deliver higher quality and to appeal to the varied tastes of their more elite clientele.
Design Q Faced a Unique Challenge
When Comlux America approached Design Q about the project, they didn’t have any specific ideas in mind. Instead, they just wanted the design firm to utilize unconventional materials to come up with innovative new designs. Scott Meyer, who speaks as the CEO of Comlux America, says the project was exciting for both companies. It presented the challenge of doing something completely new, which gave Comlux something exciting to present to their clients, while giving Design Q an intriguing new project to tackle.
Although other designers submitted concepts for the project, Design Q ultimately won out. Howard Guy, who heads up Design Q, says his firm approached the project with the intention of delivering a design that emphasizes customer service. To that end, Design Q’s team tried to come up with concepts that would personalize the flight experience for each customer.
Luxury Wasn’t the Only Concern
In developing their designs, Design Q wanted to maximize the use of space, knowing that would be a concern for executives interested in buying these jets. Mr. Guy says his firm wanted to emphasize comfortable seating for a maximum number of passengers, while giving the crafts a unique look. The resulting designs added spaciousness to the list of amenities offered by these VIP jets.
For example, the design for the Airbus ACJneo takes advantage of the fact that these jets offer the widest and tallest cabins among aircraft in their class. A redesigned engine and an interior that includes Sharklet wingtips helps to maximize passenger comfort. These new innovations may bring quality customer service to its highest level yet.
Among those crafts receiving the redesign was the ACJ320neo, which fits as many as 25 passengers and can travel 6,900 miles. The ACJ319neo can fly farther, taking eight passengers 7,800 miles. Meanwhile, the BBJ Max 8 from Boeing travels 7,700 miles, also with a maximum of eight passengers. Design Q’s concepts will bring a smoother ride to customers boarding these flights, bringing each craft to a higher level of luxury.