Don’t Take Off Your Shoes! An Airplane Survival Guide

Frequent fliers understand that it just isn’t romantic to fly in economy class. Passengers often experience difficulties when they try to find space for their luggage. Seats are too close together, which makes it easier to catch colds and viruses. Any airplane, regardless of the class, is not an example of cleanliness at its best. According to Heather Poole, an experienced flight attendant and author, airplanes are poor examples of pristine cleanliness.

Although thinking about bacteria is an unpleasant thought, the fact is that there are plenty of germs floating around during a flight. Accordingly, passengers can catch bronchitis or other contagious diseases. Plus, people do not always think about the consequences of their unsavory acts. For example, parents sometimes use food trays for diaper changing stations. It does not take much of an imagination to think about the possible consequences of eating food that touches these trays.

People place their bare feet on top of television screens. Children lick food from their fingers and touch everything in sight. Some passengers vomit on airplanes. Poole advises passengers to wear their shoes when using bathrooms on planes. She points out that water is not usually the cause of flooded bathroom floors.

Poole warns travelers about the fact that cleaning crews clean entire planes in approximately 10 minutes. Accordingly, airplanes are not completely sanitary. According to another flight attendant, cleaning crews do not always have enough time to clean seats and food trays. So, every person should bring sanitary wipes onto an airplane. They can then use their own wipes to clean food trays, their seats and other areas near their seats.

Do not put food directly on trays. Instead, place food items on paper plates, napkins or paper towels. Parents should not let their children crawl on the dirty floor. Drinking tea is safer than drinking coffee because the water for making tea is boiled. Some people wear masks to protect themselves from coughs and sneezes.

It is a good idea to take vitamin C and antioxidants to help ward off contagious illnesses. Another way people can protect themselves is to drink plenty of water before they board airplanes. Poole mentioned that staying hydrated offers additional protection against germs and toxic substances.