Goodyear Aero: The Future of Cars

Recently, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Goodyear revealed their latest concept tire, the AERO. They are really building onto the hype for flying vehicles. Goodyear has become the go-to for concept technology. They’ve developed tires that grow moss and even roll omnidirectionally.
The AERO aims to be revolutionary. The goal is to act as a traditional tire. To propel a car into flight, two of the car’s tires are rotated horizontally with the ground while the other two stay vertical. Think “Back to the Future”. The spokes are designed to act as propeller blades and are pitched and curved to save space and cost.
Goodyear has utilized a magnetic propulsion system that spins the spokes of its horizontal tires to act as propellers for the vehicle. Once the vehicle is airborne, all four tires will rotate into propeller mode.
These tires are also completely solid. Unlike traditional tires, AERO tires are not filled with air. Goodyear researchers are working to come up with a material that serves well enough to provide cushioning as well as durability.
The AERO also includes numerous fiber optic sensors as well as computer processors to ensure the airborne flight runs smoothly. These sensors will be able to alert you if the tires are not in operating condition. The AERO remains purely conceptual at this point, but it interesting to see what else Goodyear has in store.
Chris Helsel, Chief Technology Officer, has stated that they’re training to innovate the way that the world thinks about transportation. The AERO attempts to combine the elements of traditional tires with a jet propulsion system designed for take-off.
The dual use is designed to ensure the livelihood of tires. Tires may become obsolete as automobile manufacturers look to the skies for the future. These can work as a component for self-flying vehicles.
Goodyear has faced serious competition in the concept game. Porsche recently developed a Wet Mode that can even listen to the audio signature of wet pavement to improve their vehicle’s situational awareness. They’ve also developed in-car monitoring technology to monitor the awareness of the driver and the car.
For a more in-depth look, check out this video. Goodyear looks to continue building on this concept and coming up with additional technology for the future.