Southwest Starts Offering $49 Tickets to Hawaii

Over the past few months, Southwest Airlines has opened up new routes and lowered their prices in a bid to attract more customers. One of the most attractive new offers from Southwest was just announced. Those looking to enjoy sparkling beaches can now use Southwest to fly to Hawaii.

According to a press release from the company, they plan to start flying to four of the Hawaii islands, including the Big Island, Oahu, and Maui. These flights will leave from California airports in Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, and Oakland.

Flight prices will vary depending on arrival, departure, and date, but Southwest says that the lowest prices people can expect will be $49 for a one way ticket. This announcement has generated a lot of excitement, because it is significantly lower than any other airline flights to Hawaii. Before Southwest started offering these flights, the cheapest option was $147 one way tickets from Hawaiian airlines.

Southwest has announced their plans well ahead of the actual flights. The first flights they will be having will go between Oakland and Honolulu on April 7. After this launch, Southwest is going to roll out the rest of their flights. In addition to offering the cheap flights from California to Hawaii, the company also plans to start offering inter-island flights between islands like Maui and Honolulu.

The new destinations and prices are not the only unusual thing about Southwest Airlines’ plans. Honolulu has recently completed a new terminal that allows for both front and rear door boarding. Southwest plans to start using this feature to allow for quicker boarding and departure times for their guests.

These new and exciting plans for Southwest were slightly delayed due to some issues with the Federal Aviation Administration. The company needed FAA approval, but unfortunately the government shutdown in early 2019 caused some issues.

However, things are now back on track. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, the FAA will be using extra oversight on the company for the next six months, a standard practice when airlines open new routes.

As Southwest expands in Hawaii, they hope to offer more flight options to their customers. Southwest plans to add more routes and dates to their flights soon, so those interested in cheap flights to Hawaii should check Southwest Airlines’ website regularly for more updates.