The World’s Most Beautiful Airport Terminals

One of the perks of traveling around the world is getting a glimpse at the airports that go above and beyond to greet those passing through with a sight to behold. Some airports go out of there way to be picturesque.

For example, the Singapore Changi Airport has repeatedly been named the world’s best. It boasts a Jewel complex that holds the Rain Vortex, a 130-foot tall waterfall, and the largest in the world to be located indoors. Every night, the airport puts on a five-minute light show. Not only that, the airport has a hotel within its walls, as well as a forest with 1400 trees.

The Chhatrapati Shivajii International Airport Mumbai is the second busiest in India. Passengers make it a point to take note of the ceiling of terminal 2, of which the inspiration for the design of it was a peacock, which is India’s national bird. The ceiling gives the impression of 1,000 peacocks flying overhead. The terminal also boasts a wall of art that stretches for two miles. Skylights allow natural light to shine down on the Mumbai artifacts and artwork, which total over 7,000 pieces.

At the Marrakech Menara Airport is a terminal powered entirely by the sun. The decor is Moroccan style and includes mosaic tiles, geometric patterns and a glass ceiling shaped like a dome. White panels made of aluminum help reflect the sunlight that comes in through the ceiling. Wall ornaments in the terminal are designed in an Islamic style.

Istanbul Airport has an Ottoman feel to it. The decor includes numerous patterns, lights, and colors. The airport only has one terminal, which is decorated with skylights and high vaulted ceilings. The transit hall that leads passengers to and from the terminal is Bosporus shaped. The air-traffic control tower is even shaped like a tulip, the national symbol of Turkey.

The Beijjing Daxing International Airport has a main hall and five concourses. Chinese architecture was used to design the connection between the concourses and the main hall. Each of the five piers boasts linear skylights the same length as the piers themselves. Due to the layout of the airport passengers can walk to any gate in no more than eight minutes.